Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ungrumpy at Grumpy Joe's

I first encountered Grump Joe's from a friend's post at FB. So when I got the chance to eat there with hubby, we grabbed the opportunity. It was 6:00 pm on a Sunday but we were already second in line waiting to have a table. The place is a bit small but it I guess, there are really many patrons. Most of them are young ones like us... hahahah! Usually, students and yuppies who go for affordable, reasonable yet yummy foods.

And we were not disappointed. The place can give many pasta, burger and pizza joints a run for their money. 

We opted for the best sellers so that we could get a feel of the resto's strengths.

For drinks we got malunggay calamansi juice for me, and Oliver had the same but with syrup and whipped cream... they are bottled using garapons:

Guess which had the best taste? The one with cream and syrup, of course. :p

We also had creamy pesto and seafood pasta--truly a winner:

 There were 6 shrimps and some squids and tahong... yeah, I counted them..hahahah!.. Most of the time, restaurants give 2 for marinara or seafood pesto.. you are lucky if you get 3 for a price of Php 190.00. We had 6. 

We tried also their yummy lasagna...
Truly delisyoso... and the best of all their pizza:
We had the Pepperoni Pizza (Left) and Grumpy Joe (right) pizza.. you can choose 2 flavors just like Don Henrico's. Their Pepperoni Pizza has jalapeno peppers in it and anchovies... It was spicy but I loved it better than their Grumpy Joe.

I just noted some similarities between the Grumpy Joe pizza and Don Henrico's pizza and also their lasagna's with that of the latter.. I don't know if they inteded to copy the flavors but they are similar in taste but in presentation and prices, these are different. 

Ultimately, we enjoyed our dinner and the long lines of people waiting to be seated are proofs that Grumpy Joe offers good or rather, great tasting food.


  1. hmmm yummy!, keep making a food map for us! you're a big help :)

  2. yeah... i am getting Big...hahahah! go for it..dito namin nakita sila chino and the story behind the stolen shot :p

  3. Na-curious ako sa malunggay calamansi juice. And nice ha! Naka Mason Jar sila! Sunod sa uso!


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