Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kahuna Beach Resort 1

Last May 22-23, 2013, my colleagues and I had our R&R and team building at La Union. There are plenty of beautiful resorts in La Union owned and managed by foreigners particularly Australians, British and Europeans. Kahuna is one of them.

Kahuna is located at San Juan, the surfing capital of North Luzon. It has Balinese style cottages and infinity pool.This resort is frequented by local celebrities who are engaged in surfing such as Jericho Rosales and the Younghusband soccer brothers. Their pictures were present in their gallery last year, but now, it isn't there.

This is my second time in Kahuna and we had our lunch there before heading back to Baguio.

This is the entrance and the reception hall.

On the left side is the reception desk.

 This is where guests can play pool:

Another angle on the pool table which overlooks the bar:

This is their bar andrestaurant:

On the left wing, there is a separate area with high chairs where you can eat your food overlooking the sea.

Yup you eat with the see breeze blowing in from the rolling waves. See my post regarding Kahuna's food.

It was so damn hot when we went there..even the ceiling fans failed to stave off the heat. It wasn't as hot when we went there last October 2012. Notable though are the silver globes that dot the ceiling.


This is the view of the beach while eating. There weren't as many surfers as last year around October 2012 but there are some devoted surfers who braved the hot hot sun to crest the waves.

As for the resort facilities, they have their lodgings and their small infinity pool. This is their infinity pool:

We just ate lunch there so we did not have any opportunity to check the interiors of their cottage rooms. But this is what it looks outside:

The walls are made of glass and there are blinds for privacy.We checked their tariff rates and the accommodation was so pricey.. its range is the same with that of Thunderbird beach resort's prices yet it isn't even a five star hotel. (More on Thunderbird on the coming posts).

However, I guess for surfers who want luxurious accommodations at San Juan with good tasting meals, Kahuna is the way to go. 

To reserve at Kahuna, visit:


  1. Ang gaganda ng kuha mo ah. Blogger's shots! Keep it up niks!

    1. Wow, thank you kuya! Honstly, I think I need to learn more about my point and shoot camera, kuya..kasi nahihiya akong di ko macapture minsan yung kasarapan or freshness ng food dahil sa kuha ko --di ko alam settings ng camera in truth..pero tamad ako basahin manual. :) Gusto ko matuto ng basic photography :D

  2. Depende talaga sa eye ng photographer at angle na kukuhanan ng picture ang ganda ng isang view =) -- mas maganda ang Kahuna sa photos mo ate Nikz ^^ -- mas naappreciate ko yung resort dito sa blog mo (lalo na hindi ramdam yung mainit na panahon =) )

    1. wow-- salamat ate :0) pumalakpak naman ang tenga ko na magaling akong kumuha ng pics...actually, i appreciated kahuna more when we went there last year because of the "cooler" weather... ang init talaga nung pumunta tayo.


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