Friday, May 3, 2013

Cafe Lusso

I am one of those people who rarely go to coffee shops. But if I do -  I do it not to drink coffee - but to talk  and to drink something else EXCEPT coffee.

This is the reason why it took months - maybe six - before I set foot at Cafe Lusso even if it is across the street where I work. The ambiance is great! The interior has a modern touch to it since it has leather seats, wood paneling, brick walls and glass. The main color theme is black, red, white and brown.

There is a glass partition between the smoking and non-smoking area. There is free wifi and they use this disk like gadget to vibrate if your order is ready to be picked up from the counter. I find this nice compared to Starbucks where they shout your name.

There are also magazines for you to read if you do not have someone to talk to and you don't have any gadgets with you to connect to the Internet.

So what have I tried at Lusso with friends?

I highly recommend their blueberry yogurt drink. There is plain yogurt but the blueberry is yummier. This costs around 130 - 145 pesos..sorry I forgot. The taste is worth it.: 

We also has this square bread which is like loaf bread/tasty smothered with peanut butter on all sides topped with sliced bananas, whipped sweet cream and chocolate sauce. It costs around Php 105.00. There's the other simpler version "Honey Glazed Bread" which is Php 90+ but I guess we wanted peanut butter and banana.The bread was heated in the microwave oven that's why the cream would slide after sometime all over the bread...all i can say is Yum!!!
I enjoyed my first outing there. The second outing wasn't as exciting as the first one because when we went there we were full and we just wanted to have warm drinks. We all had hot chocolate.
I don't know if we came there too late in the evening like around 10 PM such that their barista is sleepy already? They close at 12 AM. My hot chocolate looks good but there is something lacking in it which I couldn't figure out at first. But now that I think about it, I was used to hot chocolate drinks that are creamy and rich. This was like hot choco diluted in water.

All in all, Cafe Lusso is worth re-visiting and it is a good alternative to Starbucks and other coffee shops. Don't just get the hot chocolate.


  1. This is an interesting post sis, it is nice to know that you love hot choco too :D...

    1. it's our favorite drink sis :) ... The time we meet up let's drink hot choco :)

  2. I think I'm gonna love the blueberry yogurt drink! Pero parang they close early ano? Coffee shops here are open until 2am eh.

  3. The other coffee shops here close at 9 PM..starbucks session road closes at 11 PM (not that I tambay there...) ...probinsya pa rin dito sa Baguio sis


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