Saturday, June 1, 2013

Buffet Breakfast at Thunderbird Poro Point - 2

In the first post about Thunderbird, we went around the place.

This time, it's "lafang" mode or to translate the gay lingo in English, "let's eat na!!!" :p

Before the food, I would say the that the dining area at the Olives Restaurant of Thunderbird Poro Point is simply beautiful. The tables were covered with violet tablecloth which provides a stark contrast to the white ceiling and chairs and gray walls: 

The food in the buffet breakfast (which is by the way, free when you check in) are grouped according to their kinds. They had plain/garlic rice where you can choose Filipino viands such as tocino, tapa and danggit. There is also soup.They have an omelette station where you can request the fillings and the dimsum area which offers siomai and siopao. 

For those who love cereals, they offer 6 - 8 kinds of cereals. And then, there is oatmeal and fruits. There is a separate area for breads and pastries.

This is how their creamy chicken and macaroni soup looks like:

I had their danggit, embotido and bacon with siomai with the soup:

I had cold chocolate drink but you can get any juice they offer or coffee. I love all of the "ulam" I got but I didn't appreciate their embotido that much. Maybe it's because my mom's embotido is still the best for me. :)

I also had their yummy rolled oatmeal with fruits and full cream milk (I assumed it's full cream because of the milk's taste and texture). Sorry about the brightness, I turned on the flash.

I also had their bread. Their bread station is the one that attracted me most because of how it was set up:

I love their bread tower:

and their breads in the jars:

Yummy. I was already full ( I am a weak breakfast eater) so I just tasted the danish bread with blueberry jam and their ube ensaymada. Both are tasty :) MMmmmm.

The full and happy eaters:

Breakfast made our stay at Thunderbird Poro Point more memorable. We enjoyed and bonded more as colleagues and friends because of it. And, it made the price of the hotel stay worth it. :)


  1. I'm curious to taste your mom's embotido. I attempted cooking that and it's... never mind haha!! Pareho pala tayo, mahina kumain ng breakfast. Antok pa kse ata bituka ko. Palaban ako pag dinner!

    1. Ako din palaban sa dinner! Which is wrong, sis :)

      Yung embotido ni mama may pickle relish ...dapat matutunan ko sa kanya yin :)

      Pero sis gusto ko talaga itry yung Viking's. :)

  2. The danish bread looks yummy... :)

  3. It is Karlle :) but I really love the rolled oats in milk...yummylicious :)

  4. kakagutom ang pics ate nikz =) ... Parang andun ako ulit! Keep on blogging =)


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