Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baguio's Haunted White House

For Baguio residents, they call this the "haunted house" along Leonard Wood Road before you reach Teacher's Camp. But for non Baguio residents, you will be able to relate to this house if you have watched the "White House" starring Gabby Concepcion because this is where the movie was shot.

There were many scary stories about it since we were in college because it really looked scary back then with the paints peeling and no people in sight. But right now, it's no longer that way with fresh paint and some people being seen within the vicinity.

My friend and I were given an opportunity to have a look at it when a Bamboo Exhibit (more on this on the next post) was displayed in the house. The house is quite old and the guard told us that the current owner is Lucio Tan. 

This is the frontage:

 The house is made of wood and inside the ceilings are carved. This is the ceiling of the sitting room:

 The one at the foyer is more elaborate:

  We had our pictures taken at the sitting room. This is Minel near the fireplace:

 And this is me near the old clock-- the guard claims it's 90 years old and we should have our picture taken near it:

We went to the dining room and this is how it looks like-- very vintage:

I posed on the steps going to the 2nd floor:
Don't be afraid, if you see a lady's head behind me. It's one of the girls who visited with us at the white house..heheheh!

This is Minel posing on the very narrow steps leading to the third floor. It was so narrow I couldn't imagine how they will bring furniture upstairs.
 I don't know if the portrait of a scared guy screaming was  meant to be a joke  but the guard and one of the caretakers were making "awwwoooooo" sounds while we were going up. Cheeky.

The picture below shows the attic/3rd floor... it was a very small room and the balconies are narrow, too.

Some of the rooms were closed off due to disrepair and privacy while others are under repair so we did not dare venture more.

So, that's the tour. Actually, we paid 50 pesos to see the bamboo exhibit but we really initially paid to see the house. And I guess, our curiosity was satisfied. :) 


  1. I saw that house when we exited on the other side of Camp John Hay on our way to the church on your wedding. I did not find it scary. I love its vintage charm. The dining area is very nice, ano?!

  2. I love the vintage charm too, Happy that some old houses in the Philippines are preserved.
    I heard about the scary stories and they say it usually happens at night; How about checking it at night? :D

  3. For Roselle: The whole house is fascinating sis and it is indeed vintage.. the clock according to the caretaker is older than the house

  4. For Karllie: I would be willing to write something about checking it at night if you will be my companion touring it inside ;-)


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