Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kahuna Beach Resort 2 - Eats

In my  first post on Kahuna Beach Resort, we viewed the amenities of the resort. This time, let's have a "view" of their food :)

So what have we ordered? We took the Kahuna Group Meal which costs Php 1,400.00. 

It consists of the following:

a. Pork barbecue with grilled bangus, meat and stuffed squid. Yum-o!

b. It also has grilled egpplant with onions, tomatoes and bagoong. Tulo laway.... Present also is their raw tuna marinated in and "cooked" BY vinegar. This was delicious. Cherrie and I almost finished this off between ourselves. Most in our group were afraid to try it because we were traveling afterwards and they might have sensitive stomach.

We also had 2 sinigang na hipon as separate orders

and caldereta:

The meat in the calderata was tender and tasty.

A colleague had Kahuna's own version of Aloha Burger. Look at those lettuce and ham. The pineapple was small though. 

The meal came with fries:
Look at him go at it..galit mode:

The taste of the food are targeted on international guests. The smokiness of the eggplant was reduced or even the tartness of sinigang. But they are still delicious. The burger according to my friend, though, doesn't justify the cost and he claims that the ordinary burgers we ate at Kahuna last year were better. 

Since the target customers are international, the prices of the food in the menu are a bit expensive. Nonetheless, it was  great experience. And ubos lahat ng food. Nothing wasted. :)


  1. Yeah! my not-so delykashoos burger...thnx for the post :)

  2. hahahah! we enjoyed the grilled fish and barbecue though...get the ordinary burger, folks :)

  3. Tulo laway talga ako sa grilled egpplant with onions, tomatoes and bagoong! now I'm craving!

    1. kinainan kita Ms SunnyToast :)madmaing madami heheheh! I put your link on my blog so that i can always read your news posts :)

  4. Ansarap naman nung mga inihaw!!! Ginutom ako eh.


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