Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Color My World 1

I am very lucky that during my birthday last month, my loving and thoughtful friend, Roselle, gifted me three sets of Creative Haven adult coloring books:

I have been looking for adult coloring books in local Baguio bookstores including National Bookstore but I was unsuccessful just like a colleague and a friend so receiving these made me ecstatic!

What I loved about these sets is that the pages have perforation lines which makes it easy to remove a page. I started with the Butterfly Designs and "progressed" with the Vintage Hand Fans and then, the Art Noveau Fashions.

I used the watercolor colored pencil of Faber Castell and Crayola. So far, these are my outputs:

A. Butterfly set
This is the fist set I worked with because I assumed it was the easiest.. I didn't know that sharpening the colored pencils would help me make the colors darker and I have plenty of smudges here

B. Art Noveau Fashion Set
I wasn't too keen with clothes at first, because it looked complicated but I enjoyed coloring this set. So far, I only colored one page as of yet:

C. Fan Set
 I started with this page and  I regret putting the orange background color but what's done is done.

I started with this  2 weeks ago 
and finished it today

I do not color everyday, only when color inspiration hits me...

I tried coloring apps in my mobile such as Colorfy but paper and colored pencils are for me. I was bored with tapping my phone and I do traditional coloring for radiation break from my PC and mobile phone. 

I really hope to improve more in my coloring skills while relaxing... I hope I can learn blending and other more complicated stuff..most of the time, I just grab the pencils and color anyway  I want :) 


  1. Wow ang dami mo na nagawa! When I get the chance to go there sa Baguio, I'll bring you a painting set naman from Sip and Gogh :)

    1. Because I enjoy what you gave me my dear friend :) Wow naman :) I guess you have a painting collection, post them too!

  2. Very nice po :) magiging magaling din sa picture coloring at blogging si baby dahil diyan :)

    1. Thank you ... sana maging magaling din syang taga cross stitch at pianist heheheheh


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