Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stitchin' My Way Back

I have resolved to value my time more and accomplish plenty of stuff. And this is by deciding to limit Facebook and to start  finishing all my unfinished projects at home. 

I've got plenty and I have my list. I did this for me to finish stuff and be able to create new ones and feel more "accomplished".

First stop: my "Hang In There Cross Stitch". This is the typical Precious Moment type of design of a boy and a girl riding a motorbike which are like me and hubby. I started with this in 2011 and I haven't touched it since April of this year.

I work on it for 1 - 3 hours almost every night. I am almost done with the cross stitches and I am back stitching some parts. Hopefully I will be finished next week and I can have it framed. :)

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