Friday, April 26, 2013

Candy Crush cupcakes

Last Saturday, I had an opportunity to sit as an exernal panelist for the Thesis Defense for the Master of Information Technology degree at the University of the Cordilleras of a colleague. And look what she gave us as aside from a yummy dinner?

My own Candy Crush balls. Erna Martinez (colleague instructor/graphics artist/tattoo artist) and Tintin Nañasca (architect/beautician) are sisters who are artists on their own right and they have this cupcake business going on.

Ma'am Tintin knows I play Candy Crush saga that's why that was my theme. The other panelists had their own themes.

This set of cupcakes are lemon in flavor and are covered in fondant...delisyoso and the designs are fab:

My niece was so excited to see that my "me" cupcake has dimples on them that's why she touched it thus the smudge. :)

I have been ordering cupakes from them before but I never took pictures -- tsk! maybe I can unearth some of those in my niece's memory card.

For those interested to order, contact Tintin Nañasca at


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