Monday, October 28, 2013

Sage - Pink, Green and Violet :)

Last weekend, I got to spend time with my friends and dine at this quaint place called Sage (just like the song with the herbs rosemary, sage and thyme). I never expected the place to be pretty nor eat there so  I was not armed with a proper camera except my phone's. It's great that  the pictures turned out nice.

Now for the place-- it's so pretty!!! Here are some proofs!

The "lobby"/waiting area and their white and pink Christmas tree:

Their white and pink Christmas Tree:

posing kunwari mabangong fresh roses ang nandun :p
I love their dining hall's colors and the windows!!!
The ceiling of the booths area is lined with these:

The theme of using oval ornaments can be seen reflected outside as well before the lobby:

And each table has a violet plant or two like ours. The pot is also nice :) :

For the foods, we had the yummy giant platter of nachos: Php 180.00. It came with 4 "sauces" - cheese, ranch, salsa and I forgot the other one hehehe! We just poured all the sauces on top! Lots of vegetables in this dish - we loved it!

I am digging in it :p

We also had puttanesca and pesto (sorry I forgot the prices :( )

The puttanesca was ordinary and so is the pesto -- I had better ones but they are still average to above average.

We also had chimichangas. According to their menu this is a Mexican dish and it is composed of potatoes and chicken wrapped in tortilla and then fried. It came with salsa and a white sauce -like garlic sauce.

It was okay. This costed around Php110.00

And then for beverage- we had the house water. Lemon, citrus and sage infused water. Yummy an refreshing. And, a visual treat, as well :)

For dessert, we had:
a. Roti with peaches ala mode sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. This was so yummy but so little. I guess it was so yummy nakakabitin :p
 b. Banana wrapped in pastry, deep fried and then drizzled with carame, bananas and chocolate sauce and ice cream. Yummy as well (Php 120.00)
 c. Rocky road cake. Yum-o!There were walnuts even in the cream in between the cake layers. (Php 75.00)

Overall, the place gets a rating of 7/10. It is a unique, cute place where the eyes not only the mouth can feast.

Sage is located at Military cut-off infront of Small World School.


  1. i so want to return to Baguio and just eat, eat, eat, sleep and eat!!!

    1. why not, sis? sasabayan pa kita..wag lang January to February 2014 kasi di kita maaasikaso


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