Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Stockings

Now that we have our own child, I can understand why parents are very excited in making their children's' Christmas memorable and fun. And this might be the reason why Lola J wanted us to experience an American Christmas in one of the rare times she was with us in the Philippines during the holiday season in the late 80s.

One December night, she asked us, her 6 grandchildren to hang one sock each in the room Jamie and I share with my young brother Mark and sometimes, Jeanne. We somehow suspected that something exciting was about to happen. Jamie and I agreed that we get the longest socks and tacked these on our wall with the stockings of my sibling and cousins. Of course, the younger ones followed suit - we all wanted long and large ones so that what we expected to be placed there will fit. It kinda looked like this but we had ours "thumbtacked".

*Image courtesy of Google Images

And so we waited during bedtime for something to happen. Jamie and I being the oldest, kept our vigil even if it was "lights out". We used to sleep early before-- around 8 pm with 9 pmbeing the latest. Jamie and I agreed to remain awake but I couldn't keep watch so I fell asleep. It was time to wake up when I felt Jamie poking my ribs with her elbow. I didn't know the time but I saw Lola J and mama kneeling infront of our stockings. I can partially see them because of the light from the living room streaming inside our bedroom door. And boy, were they noisy even when they were whispering. 😂

Lola J was instructing mama how much she should put on each sock while she was filling one. We can hear some muffled sounds like candies falling in the socks and on the floor. We were good girls so we kept quiet and went back to sleep when they left.

In the morning, the younger ones were already in our room looking at their socks which woke us up. They were very sure Santa Claus came by last night and gave them the treats which were different types of candies.😍

Lola J was beaming at us as they jumped up and down excitedly. Jamie and I  just kept quiet.. why destroy the excitement? I knew we'd blow it when we destroy the fun and we might not get other stuff on those stockings.😇 😁I knew we had some other gifts stuffed in those socks for 3 consecutive nights but I don't remember them as well as the first night we had the stockings.

Ahh to be young and to be blessed with a loving lola who wants us to experience this thrill! :) That was our first and last experience of hanging our socks.

More Christmas stories to come.

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