Sunday, September 22, 2013

Reconnecting Inside

Yesterday was a happy day for me despite the strong winds and nasty weather brought by Typhoon Odette in Baguio City.

Work was suspended by the mayor but I opted to go out and do my errands. After doing my errands I had lunch on my own, walked at Session Road and decided to have my hair cut and dyed. I bought some scratch lotto tickets and won 250 pesos after investing 70 pesos. :p 

For lunch, I tried eating a Ham and Cheese bread and coffee at Bread Talk. It was my first time to eat their bread. True! Because most of the time, when I am with my husband or friends, the place is always full and I am always hungry for heavy food. And let's admit it, I am a bit stingy with my money. Their bread is a bit pricey.

But boy, that bread is sure good. I understand completely why there are long lines at BreadTalk SM and in all their branches. And it was nice watching the bakers' bake bread while I sipped  my Cafe Latte.

I also enjoyed browsing books at National Bookstore and lingering in the craft stores.

I made a conscious effort to date myself yesterday because I missed doing things alone. I am an introvert. I am not shy. I am not afraid of speaking in public and confronting people but I enjoy being in solitude with myself. I am self-reflective although it is not so obvious. 

Before, in my pre-married life, I enjoyed crafts, books, staying at home, walking in the park by myself,  going out and eating out  and even watching movies by myself. But with my esposo with me,  I cannot do most of these things now because of other activities that we do together such as playing computer games, Wii, watching sports and movies at home and having other responsibilities.  I  enjoy tremendously being with him. However, once in  a while, I need to connect with my inner self and it is usually refreshing and energizing just like yesterday. :)


  1. I also make sure I have a MeTime at least once a month. Inasmuch as I enjoy every minute spent with my husband, spending time with Me, Myself and I gives me an inexplicable bliss.. sort of a feeling of freedom.

    1. exactly sis :o) para akong narecharge and I noticed that my mood changed more positively-- i'll try to do it once a month-- maybe massage next month :)


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