Sunday, July 7, 2013

Le Chef - John Hay Golf Club

Our family has been graced by God to have friends who are willing to share their blessings to us. And with this, once in a while, our family experiences the good things that a few individuals  regularly experience.

We had this occasional dinner once again at the Le Chef,  John Hay Clubhouse and I just want to share the good things we experienced. 

For the sight:
This flower arrangement greeted us on on the lobby. Lovely and very attractive:

Going down the steps, great lights loomed above us:

The family had their pictures taken near the fireplace. It was so cold when we went there since the area is open and it was almost 5 PM and a bit foggy.

Yep, there is a bulol sitting on the ledge of the fireplace

We also had some pictures taken on the garden outside:

 This one is a view of the golf course from the garden.

For the smell and taste:

First course was bread and butter. This one was on the house. Their bread is so yummy especially the dinner rolls:

We had individual butter each to put in the bread.

My husband, niece and I had mocha latte for our drinks. It was cold there at the clubhouse-- we needed something warm:

The latte was yummy and it was worth the Php 95.00 price tag - competitive with the usual cafes.

For our individual course, I had the baby back ribs with corn muffins and spinach.

There are better baby back ribs in other restos, This one is sweet but can't complain since I chose this and it's for free. I won't post the exact price but it is the 300 range.

We had kids with us thus,  pepperoni pizza and fried chicken.

The pizza was thin crust and the chicken's breading was yummy especially for the kids.

We also had lechon kawali with laing because some of us had beer:

The lechon was sinfully masarap anad the laing was the best. It was so finely grinded and I don't have much words for it other than, super sarap.

Some of us had duck around 300 pesos range:

and mongolian beef around 200 pesos range:

It was a dinner full of burps! and whispered thank you's to God and to our benefactors. :)

Life is good! :)


  1. Camp John Hay; A must-see place! Sis, the Lechon looks delicious!

  2. yes sis :) tell me when you come up here - i can definitely show you around :)

  3. Oh I still remember the taste of the bagnet and spicy laing I had for lunch and how I wished I ordered an extra cup of rice pero nakakahiya magpadala ng rice lang kse room service yun hahaha.

  4. sarap anu sis? saws, ok lang yun kung may extra kanin-- sarap eh hehehhe


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