Monday, November 4, 2013

Spanish tapas at Te Quiero

This entry is way past overdue since my food experience happened on one unexpected night when hubby and I had to send a parcel to Victory Liner Baguio Bus Station one May evening this year. We got stuck there since it suddenly rained. We brought our scooter with us and it's no fun at all to ride when the rain is pouring on you while you are riding with some lightning and thunderstorm taking place.

Thus, we had to stay there for a while. It was dinner time so we scoured the place. We opted not to eat pizza and donuts and decided instead to eat at  Te Quiero Tapas Bar at the Victory Bus. It was a good thing we bought enough cash to cover our meals because it was a buffet Friday. And the buffet costs Php 350.00 each. So even if we were way underdressed - Oliver with his jogging pants and work shirt and me also with my oversized jeans, tshirt and tsinelas - we braved the "kasosyalan" of some of the clients and ate.

Dining there provided us an opportunity to know what tapas are. According to, tapas are snacks, canap├ęs or finger food that originated in Spain which can be practically anything from a chunk of tuna, cocktail onion and an olive skewered on a long toothpick, to piping hot meat with sauce served in a miniature clay dish - or anything in between. 

The pictures do not really justify the colors of the food since I captured these using  my lowly cellphone but I just wanted to share what we ate:

The plate here contains chicken skewer, potatoes, a sausage, mussels, salsa salad and the one in the spoon is a deviled egg-- so yummy.

In this plate, we have some macaroni and I forgot what was on the right -- this was 6 months ago..hehehhe!!! I remember the taste of the macaroni though-- it tasted a bit cheesy. Masarap. :)
This is another view of the chicken skewers with their dynamite lumpia -- spring roll of sili and cheese.. appetizing:
We also had their salad with vinaigrette dressing. I loved this very much:

This is their roast chicken which was a bit ordinary for me.

Their sausage was spicy! We loved its taste.
  Trying to control our fat intake, we tasted their lechon --masarap!!!

This is the buffet and dining area of the resto:

I like the taste of spice and vinegar that''s why I appreciated what we had at Te Quiero buffet.  I give it the buffet  7.5/10 for the buffet but I was expecting more viands and maybe dessert or a free sweet drink afterwards. I cannot vouch for their other foods on the menu that was not served in the buffet. Although there were great reviews on them.

Te Quiero is located at the Second Floor of Victory Bus Station Baguio at the side of Microtel Baguio.

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  1. I want the salad, roasted chicken and the spicy sausage!


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