Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bamboo Carving Exhibit

We had an opportunity to visit and enter  Baguio's white house because of the Ifugao Bamboo Carving Exhibit sponsored by the Philippine Bamboo Foundation and Tan Yan Kee Foundation. The exhibit was held as a tool for information and education campaign to reforest the Cordilleras. 

Most of the themes of the sculptures in bamboo revolve around the Cordilleran culture - the people, the houses, the practices, beliefs, etc.

These are some of the bamboo carvings that were displayed during the event:

 The one in the middle is a frog. You get the stick on the right side of the frog ( if you see a stick poking out, that's it :p) and then let it roll on the jagged edges found at the back of the frog. This mimics the croak of the frog..kokak kokak

 And then there's this chest with wheels... cute :)

There's this cute house also:

These are some other carvings that were made:

Some of the details of the carvings:

The swing of the figure on top really moves

 This one is from another carving... they love to swing :P
 front view:
side view 

These are from the exhibits found at the hands off area-- the white house's dining room:

don't piss the warrior or else  your head will be hanging in his hand 

For those who will be going up to Baguio this Lenten season, do visit the Bamboo exhibit to appreciate the talents of the Ifugao bamboo  carvers and to help in the reforestation efforts in  the Cordilleras. Entrance fee is Php 50 for adults and Php 30.00 for kids.

The exhibit is at the White House, along Leonard Wood Road before the Teacher's Camp Gate .


  1. So the exhibit is a permanent attraction at the White House?

    1. They did not specify,sis-- even in the posters-- still ongoing though :)


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