Monday, March 18, 2013

New blog, new perspectives

I am very excited to have my new blog!

It's been years since the last one - 8 years to be precise.

As I will be starting a new career some months from now - a career I am not sure I will love but have to do because of pragmatism- I had to think of things to do alongside it so that I will have a diversion. I remembered how passionate I was with blogging and how I wanted to be at it again. So, here it is.

In this blog, I aim to share everything that is good and positive. If there are troubles then I would have to post it with a good idea on how I have conquered it. Conquered. Done and successfully fought it. 

I want to focus on Baguio, on traveling, on food.....on all the good things . In short, this blog is all about the essence of life, love, fun, happiness, beauty --- all the wonderful, gorgeous things about life.

It would be fun if even just one soul would appreciate what I post but mainly, this is to express myself and to proclaim in shouting mode :p how I see, think, hear, taste and feel things.

Cheers! ^__^


  1. another suitcase in another hall :D and so we meet again. gone are the drama days of the literate and the shrouded. we've grown. we've learned. we now see the beauty instead of the grim.

  2. Yes, exactly sis :o)

    But still , I can't help but look fondly at that blog before because I met great friends like you. =)


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