Monday, March 18, 2013

Secret Garden

Last Saturday, my friend Minel and I tried Secret Garden. It is a restaurant located at South Drive which is tucked beside South Drive Manor.This is the entrance:
While going down the gently sloping wooden walkway above the gravel stones, you will get to see their cute garden.They plant tomatoes, strawberries and some plants I am not familiar with :p

Cherry tomatoes


They even have a cute wee pond on the right side from the entrance:

While we were waiting for our orders inside, I had my picture taken at their glass "sala" overlooking the garden. This living room has comfortable wicker chairs, a glass ceiling -that's why the lighting is good and a fireplace! Best of all, it's so comfy and pretty.

Ain't it lovely?  I could sit here for hours and read a novel if this were my home.This is one of my bucket list to have when I have my own home. 

The building is wood paneled and has a cottage feel. 

 This is the backdoor entrance from the comfort room and the South Drive Manor.

This is the counter and some dining tables and chairs. Notice that the roof has high ceilings and are wood paneled. The counter is actually on top of an aquarium.

Our Food:
So for our food, we ordered the following: 

Vegetable Pizza, 8 inches. It's thin crust. The vegetables are fresh and the cheese was so yummy. It's very delicate in flavor. Nice. Php 250 is worth it. 

I think the first resto which occupied the place - the original Red Orange - gave their recipe to the new management  of Secret Garden because the cheese and the style of the crust is the same as that of Red Orange.

Seafood Pasta. (Php 290). You can choose whether the pasta is penne or spaghetti. White sauce or red sauce. We chose penne and red sauce.

Firstly, the tomato sauce is freshly made and sweet. There is a piece of shrimp, a piece of crab leg and 4 clams and around 8 pieces of tahong shell fish. How do I know this? Minel and I divided the seafood lot between us. The pasta was super and their garlic bread was sweet and buttery and garlicky. Delisyoso indeed.

Our beverages were lemonades with watermelon and green apple flavors. They cost Php 75 each. 

The colors are spectacular but I am not that crazy with the taste because both tasted artificial. There's the yellow stuff at the bottom that's both sour, sweet and a bit lemony which you have to stir to mix with the watermelon and green apple flavors.

Overall, we consumed Php 690. The food's taste is soo good so we feel it's worth the price. I bet it's better to drink their fresh fruit shake at Php 100 each because we saw the ones seated near us enjoying their strawberry shakes which  look fresh and yummy.

I highly recommend this restaurant not only for the food but the ambience as well. It has the old Baguio charm of old wooden houses. 

How to Get There:
For those who rely on commuting, you can ride a jeep bound for Baguio Country Club. You can also ride the taxi.

You  might have to wait for about 5 - 10 mins to get a taxi to go back to town since the location is a bit way off from the city,. For the health conscious, you can walk for 20 mins. to reach the city by walking inside the  picturesque teacher's camp and along Leonard Wood road and exit to SM or Session Road.


  1. You must bring me here! I envy the view from the sala. The food looks yummy but kinda pricey ano?

  2. Yes, definitely, I will - the question is "when"? heheheh

    Yes it is pricey compared to other restaurants - probably because of the location but I can guarantee that the food there is yummy and the ambiance makes it all worth it :)


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