Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baguio's Pride in Chinese Cuisine

This restaurant is our family's favorite place to eat whenever there are special occasions such as despedidas and anniversaries. This is also where my own parents had their wedding reception during their wedding more than 36 years ago.

I am talking about Rose Bowl Restaurant and Steak House. Rose Bowl is a popular place to eat even with tourists because of its former location across Burnham Park. Now it is located at Upper General Luna Road, Baguio City near the Pink Sisters and Brent International School.

What locals and tourists love about their food is their tastiness and Chinese "authenticity" in flavor. At the same time, the food is served fast and piping hot.

Here are some of our favorites in the place:

  • Service Tea: free, hot and satisfying. It feels like the oil  from the foods that I eat are easily flushed from the tea.

  • Fried Chicken. If you are exposed with kids, you'll know why. But the main reason here is that their chicken is really tasty and fried perfectly. Quite pricey though at Php 450+. Sulit naman dahil simot to the bones pag kinain ng mga pamangkin ko.

  • Pata Tim. This is my favorite from among the viands. I eat everything from the soft meat, skin and the watercress :) 

  • Rose Bowl Pancit and calamnsi. Looks like chopsuey with noodles because of the many vegetables in the dish. Yum-o!

And this is my next favorite. 
  • Tofu with shrimps in oyster sauce. Light, sweet and satisfying!


So if you are in Baguio and crave for Chinese food, don't hesitate to visit Rose Bowl. It can be a bit pricey but the taste of their food makes the prices reasonable. :)


  1. My uncle brought us there when my family visited Baguio for the first time in 1988. I vividly remembered my mom thought the pancit was chopsuey! And I fell in love with the fried chicken. It was only now that I realized -- ang mahal pala dyan!

    1. siguro nung malapit pa sya sa burnham park ... actually diko sure if ganun na ang price nila nun pa-- pero i think, mas mahal sila compared to the other chinese restos here.

      in fairnes, 5 to 10 minutes ang waiting time sa lahat ng dishes at malinis ang tables and venue..palit agad ng tablecloth after one eating.


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