Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vigan City, Vigan Church and Baluarte

Enter my second entry to my post about Vigan -- this time it is about the sites we saw at Vigan City.

Most of the new architectures tried to capture the old Spanish Vigan Heritage site... I do not know if this is a requirement from the city but these fastfoods look cute:

a. Chowking
b.  McDonalds

Hubby and I also visited the Vigan Cathedral in order to give thanks for our safe trip and blessings which paved the way for us to travel. It is a very  beautiful Church:



At first, I was shy to take out our camera but once we saw a few tourists taking pictures, I asked my hubby to capture some pics to show it as well to my mother-in-law who is a devout Catholic.

The Vigan Church actually faces the City Hall of Vigan and the Vigan Plaza which has a fountain:

I bet this has a dancing fountain show at night... it's just unfortunate we weren't there to witness it.

After visiting the Church, hubby and I went to Baluarte Zoo which is owned by the incumbent governor, Chavit Singson. The entrance fee is free and there are signages reminding visitors that everything is for free and they are not asking for donations.

First stop: Tigers

 Among the animals here, these are the ones who are not freely roaming around. and then there are the miniature horses and ostriches. The ostriches are so used to people they do not chase them.

 Then there are these colorful birds... they do look like the protagonist at Rio ... they do not fly away and thank God there weren't any mischievous guests goading on the animals when we went to visit.

Very tame deers... they are not afraid to interact and be fed by visitors:
 And of course, the grown up Little Foot (those who have watched the The Land Before Time know him)
 Hub is giving a hi-5 to this dinosaur.
Noticeable in this area is this gold building... Hubs and I assumed that it is Chavit Singson's home which is possible. There seems to be a helipad  on top of the building.
There were so many people we did not dare enter their Butterfly Sanctuary so we just contented ourselves with these. 

I still remember a friend who frequents in Vigan advising me to go to Baluarte because the animals there are healthier looking than those at Manila Zoo which is actually true because they are well taken cared of although I pity them such that they are in a stressful environment with all the people ogling at them or trying to touch them -- maybe they are just used to it.

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