Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vigan! Heritage Site and Bistro Amarillo

Had the blessing of time and opportunity last May to visit one of the places in my bucket list...Vigan!

First stop was the Vigan Heritage Site which is composed of old houses in the Spanish times complete with preserved cobblestone/brick road. 

It is no wonder that it is one of the few Unesco Heritage Sites in the Philippines. We met plenty  of honeymooners/couples and barkadas strolling around the site and some were gracious enough to take pictures of me and hubby. So we had a picture of the two of us in typical tourist areas of the site:

We had some pictures with the calesas but we preferred strolling since the area is a short walk so that we can browse the shops. Our enemy was the heat.

There was one interesting incident wherein we were looking for a restroom and then there was this store in a corner with a sign for use of comfort room. We went there paid Php5.00 each and  used a converted old pugon to a restroom. We were a bit embarrassed to ask permission to take pictures of the restroom so we didn't. But it was an interesting restroom.

Anyway, since we were at the Heritage site around 11 AM, we were already very hungry by 12:30.. we wanted to go to Lilong and Lilang located at the Hidden Garden which I researched in the Net but we were hungry and I was an irritated growling tiger by then because of the heat, we went to a nearby cafe called Bistro Amarillo. It was a bit small compared to other cafes but it was comfy and had the old world Spanish charm. I couldn't help but take pictures of the ceiling and flooring -- which I wanted to make as inspirations for future homes/constructions someday:

The ceiling:

and the flooring:

 What we ate was -- Binagoongang Bagnet 

and Pakbet with Bagnet (gasp! cholesterol overload):
 We had green  mango shakes for drinks and dessert 

There was so much bagnet that we had half of it for takeaway for dinner that night.

I forgot the prices but these were reasonable and the food was delicious. I would recommend visitors to Vigan to eat in this place. :)

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