Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Zumba Fitness Party 1 Wii

My new exercise companion which started this morning...

Zumba Fitness Party Wii version!

 I love the graphics and how they conceptualized it like you are travelling all over the world and you can choose the level of difficulty (beginner, intermediate and advance) and the number or minutes for the workout.

The European Zumba dances made me huff and puff because of the Irish and Russian steps which involve a lot of jumps and feet movement.

There's also the Hawaiian Zumba dances which are good for cool down.. it's so calming..
 And then there's the Latin American Zumba dances which are engaging and fast.
There are Latino dances as well -- the hip gyrating ones with Gina as the lead dancer but I couldn't find a picture on it from the Web. There's still hiphop, Indian and other dances I haven't tried yet.

If it weren't for my 8 AM class, I would have had a longer session in our bedroom.

I browsed the Web and then there's Zumba Wii 2. I'll stick to the first version for sometime first. Hopefully, these Zumba workouts will help me achieve my target weight goal.

Photos courtesy of Google Images
Zumba Wii courtesy of the BaguioPirate :D

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