Friday, August 1, 2014

Bonding Time over Food :)

According to the famed cook, Julia Child, 

"People who love to eat, are the best people"

And I need to add, ".. People who love to cook, are my bestfriends."

My colleagues and I  have a unique bond between us. It might be because we are almost of the same age and we have been together for 5 years or more. So, it's no surprise that our cooking adventure last July was both fun and entertaining. 

First off, a colleague had an idea of creating designs out of fruits inspired from the Internet. These fruits will be later served with vanilla ice cream which was spectacular,  I am proud to say that this was my creation with Trina, a colleague's young daughter:

Nice, yeah? Here are some of the other fruit designs:

This is an upside down tree on an upside down island

When we ran out of ideas, we just made the fruits look like this:

My friends already had their own menu to cook so Vanessa and I were their sous-chef (alalay :p in Tagalog). Cut, chop vegetables, wash dishes, wipe dishes, mix dips etc.

Here are some of what my friends prepared:

Baked Ziti,... so creamy and yummy :)
Baked chicken ala buffalo wings. The ranch dressing made by my colleague was so creamy and it fits the buffalo chicken... Don't mind the Hershey's chocolate syrup-- it's not involved in the dish.
We also had grilled liempo. We mixed in calamansi juice, onions and cayenne pepper. It was a hit!
And then there's the quesadilla of Meynard:
which turned out like this when it was sliced. There were 2 dips: guacamole and tomatoes and the ranch dressing of the buffalo wings. I preferred the salsa because the quesadillas already have cheese.. too much dairy!:
And finally, the centerpiece... Lani's lobsters which were boiled in water:
We were all very full, happy and content with this bonding moment..
See the evidence?

I learned a lot. In less than a week, I also tried cooking the quesadilla for a family gathering which was a hit..which I will blog later on.

Anyway, looking forward to another cook off. home :)


  1. For sure the fruits are not just appealing to the eyes, they are also super yummy!!! I super envy you kse you have an abundance of strawberries. The strawberries in the supermarket here don't look appealing. Parang super dark red yung color and madalas maasim or over riped. Tapos ang mahal pa. May nabili ako 250grams for P120 maliliit yung strawberries. :( Haaaay, naalala ko na naman ang pinakamasarap na strawberry cake na natikman ko sa buong buhay ko!!! Yung cake nung wedding mo!

    1. hahah ngayon lang ako nakapagreplay dahil karerevive ko lang ang aking blog... when you come up here one time, i'll have you taste Vizco's strawberry cake! it's yum!


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