Friday, August 1, 2014


I love stargazers or as my Canadian cousin calls them , tiger lilies... not only because of their beauty but also the scent it imparts to the room when the flowers bloom. I am lucky to have been this plant by a friend on my birthday:

This was taken at the office. As you can see the flower buds did not bloom yet. And so I brought it home with me. After 5 days, i had this:
 Our room smelled amazing. And there were still 3 buds about to bloom. After 3 more days, the other buds bloomed and so I have this. Only one more left to open.
 Finally, all are open!
Right now, there's only one blossom left. The petals of the first flowers started falling when the last flower bloomed. I plan to keep the plant alive all throughout the years and I am researching how. I hope it would be a success.

These flowers reflect how loved I am by my friend and by God.


  1. The flowers are so beautiful. My sister's soldier friend from abroad also sent her a bouquet of stargazers Christmas of 2012. She brought them to my house. I still remember the sweet scent when they blossomed. Although I haven't met her friend (even online), I was saddened when his mom sent my sister a letter and vcd informing my sis that her friend died around February 2013.


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