Sunday, October 11, 2015

Color My World 3

I have tried to research on some coloring techniques for flowers and I came up with this. A friend called it  my best so far. I used lighter shades of colors and blended some greens.
 After which, I shifted to another coloring set - Animal coloring pages from my aunt which I scanned. This is my first output from that set: 

Now, I shifted again to my coloring fans

The one below took me more than a month to finish it, having to hold it off every now and then. I wanted to experiment using jelly pens and putting some dots and lines in the illustration because the leaves and some of the wings are so large and devoid of some patterns.

I am very proud of this output since I devoted so much time experimenting on it and many liked the techniques I used.
I am planning to color mandalas next time,.,..But, as of now, I am on a break to rest  my eyes, I am planning get more ideas from the Net to make the mandalas more interesting.

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