Thursday, October 1, 2015

Crossing stitches 1

Since I have been recommended by my OB to take it easy,  I've been coloring adult coloring books and doing nontoxic crafts.

One of these crafts I went back to make is cross stitching.

The first one I made is a baby announcement for my niece, Mia who just came out into this world last September 20.

I downloaded my pattern from the Internet and prepared my Aida cloth by outlining the lines so that I can easily finish my project.

If there is one thing I re-learned while pregnant is to be resourceful and creative. My mother in law has a lot of threads she bought overseas in garage sales so I did not use the actual colors specified substituted the nearest colors based on their descriptions.

I started with the bear and proceeded from there.

This is my finished project. I asked my sister-in-law to stitch the date of birth and weight of my niece after she gives birth in Canada.

My second project is a home decor for another sister-in-law who resides in Australia. Like my first project, i substituted the colors in the pattern. This is the final output:

Right now, I am working on another project but for me and my family this time. :)

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