Thursday, April 4, 2013

Baguio's Bestest Japanese Resto

If it hadn't been for my boss, I would never have known about the best tasting Japanese food serving restaurant in Baguio - Chaya.

Chaya is located at Legarda Road. It is one of the many old houses in Baguio that was converted as a restaurant/coffee shop/hangout place.  Chaya is owned by a Japanese woman ( I think she was the one who greeted us when we went there the 2nd time) who is also the cook.Her name is Sonoko Taguchi.

The food is very yummy. And the ambiance was homey since the interior was pine paneled and you're just like in a house. It has a cozy feeling to it. So when the opportunity came to show my brother around with my parents and husband, I grabbed the chance to bring them there. 

Everything we had was superbly yummy. Even my brother who came from Sydney who frequents every now and then some Japanese restaurants there commented that he has never tasted  better Japanese food than that of Chaya's.

So here are some photos that captured that mmmmm dinner.

Pardon the quality of pictures since I used my cellphone's camera. At the same time, lighting isn't good since it was evening and the lightbulbs they are using are the yellow ones.

This is the appetizer. Leaves ( i don't know the name) marinated in mild soy sauce at the right and mashed potato on the left.

 My mom enjoying her tea while hubby poses.

For our food, we got their assorted tempura composed of lightly battered shrimps and vegetables. It was not oily and we were able to eat everything! On the right side is the rice bowl composed of beef, some vegetables and yummy.

 Below is their sukiyaki (beef stewed in vegetables and sweet stock) and their pork katsudon rice bowl. The pork was so tender and their rice -- delicious.
We got the four dishes and then ordered extra rice to eat them with. The viands on the rice bowl are plenty.

After dinner, they served complimentary tiny avocado ice cream with sweetened mongo seeds in small dishes .

My mother and father who are not fans of Japanese food were all praises and we had clean plates afterwards. Sulit!

The menu is a bit expensive but the food, ambiance and service are all worth it.

I will be definitely posting other stories on Chaya when we visit it again.

For those interested, you can visit Chaya at:
72 Legarda Road 
Baguio City

Or you can contact through:

phone: (074) 424-4726
mobile: 09164394141


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