Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My tandem

My hubby loves to bike. He's been biking on trails, streets, mountains - everywhere since he was a kid.

Me? I don't know how.I can if the bike had a side car or balancer but to ride a bike with 2 wheels is a challenge for me because in the first place, I never attempted it. :p Hubby has been convincing me for three years already to learn to ride one. The problem is I am "always busy" and he is also "always busy" to teach me.

So, he came up with the idea of riding in tandem - that is, on a tandem bike. 
On the first attempt, I was nervous because he was the one doing the balancing and maneuvering while I should keep still with my arms and just match my pedaling with his.

On the second attempt, I was still nervous and we cruised on the short part of our flat street. My armpits and feet were a bit sweaty from my nerves. We were supposed to bike on Sunday on a track field but it was closed. I guess we need to  practice more on the street near our home.

I am hoping that I can be very good with this. For me to learn, I have to learn how to trust my hubby as my driver which somehow co-relates with our actual lives- to trust in him confidently that he will lead our marriage and lives in the right direction.


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    1. Thanks Karllie-- I know you are into biking and you are good with it.. hopefully I can be as good as you are :)

  2. It's ok pala kahit di marunong ang nasa likod. I want to learn how to bike pero nakakahiya ata na may training wheels ang bike ko, parang bata! hahaha

    How much is that kind of bike?

    1. Hi sis will pm you the price in FB :)

      Basta marunong magbalance si Lenin at dapat magaking ka magpedal kasi ikaw daw magiging motor ng bike sabi ni Oliver.


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