Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hopping on with Kangaroo Jack

Here we are again with our eats journey. For one thing, I got s many backlogs concerning food since I do not regularly blog so this is one of my flashbacks.

Last March 2013, I had an opportunity to try for the 2nd time, Kangaroo Jack with my highschool friends. My impression before with Kangaroo Jack was that, it was so expensive having seen its restaurant in Robinsons Place Ermita Manila last year. We never entered it when we went to the mall since most of what they were promoting in their menu were the expensive steaks and at that time, money was tight since my parents were having their checkups at nearby St. Luke's Clinic and we were processing their papers.

So when Kangaroo Jack opened at SM Baguio late last year, it was surprising to find that their prices are reasonable. Here are some of the foods our group took in last month and our OWN impressions:

Friend 1 had cream dory fish, vegtables, corn and fried rice. The rice was nice at first but then it was a bit too greasy in the middle of the meal.

My friends had San Mig Light, I got me my favorite green mango shake. :)

Friend 2 had adobo. The adobo was tasty but too rich to be eaten alone.. this should be shared

 I had this  - marinara pasta. As of the moment until now I crave for marinara. Their version was yummy :)

 Friend 3 had the standard spaghetti, chicken and pizza meal. 
 Each of these meals cost an average of 140 to 180 pesos each except for the spaghetti, chicken and pasta which costs around 110 to 120 pesos.

The food are worth the price. All in all we were satisfied. If you go at Kangaroo Jack's on friday, saturday or sunday night, it is their acoustic night so you get to enjoy (if you are into it) music and food. 

As for us, it was annoying because the speaker was loud and me and my friends wanted to talk. We couldn't hear each other clearly. Soft music will do or maybe, I am getting old. Lolz.


  1. Kangaroo Jack here in Araneta Center offers lunch buffet at a very reasonable price, P250 ata with bottomless iced tea. We tried ata two years ago pa kaya I'm not sure if they still have the buffet. Sulit naman and yummy :)

  2. Ooohhhh I don't know if our Kangaroo Jack here offers the same because if ever there are chances to meet with friends and eat out , it's usually dinner....maalam nga kung meron sila nyan dito-- like should i be going to buffets? :D


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