Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just Around the Corner

My partner and I had an opportunity to revisit Ketchup Community two weeks ago and this time, we went to Canto.

We had their almond drink. It is a colored mixture with gelatin cubes at the bottom. It's cheap. It's Php 20.00 only. Mine is the red one, his is blue. Both are different from the color only but the taste is the same. If you are conscious about calories, drink water instead. If you're not then drink soda. It tastes too artificial with lots of sugar in it.
Now here comes the food. We both had their sandwiches. Hubby had the chili  burger:
It was yummy and the dish comes with fries. I had the pulled pork sandwich:
Just like the chili burger, it has a side of fries-- this time, wasabi-flavored. It would have been better if the wasabi was optional. The fries complement the sandwich because the sandwich is a bit sweet (like it was teriyaki flavored) however, the taste of wasabi is strong. Although I love wasabi on sushi but it tasted weird on the fries.

But still, it was yummy. We also had some desserts. This is their teeny red velvet cupcake at Php 35.00 each . It was tasty and "bitin" pero we did not dare order more because we had another dessert...
..which is the panna cota which was also yummy.  We had the raspberry although there isn't much of raspberry fruit in there :p.

In our previous visit before at Happy Tummy, we made an order for Canto's ribs and it was fab. ( you can order at the other restaurants at the Ketchup Community as long as 50% of the total order will be coming from where you seat :) )

For roasted ribs and meat sandwiches, visit Canto at the Ketchup Community. The drinks were disappointing but the food was yummy. We will definitely go back to try their other offerings.


  1. The pulled pork sandwich looks yum! I don't think I'm gonna like the wasabi fries though.

    1. it is yummy and soft and tender-- heheheh! maybe when you order you specify that the fries shouldn't have any wasabe in it.


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