Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why Wai Ying?

Everytime my hubby and I travel to pick up stuff from Tutuban and Divisoria, we never fail to eat at Wai Ying at 168 mall's food court for lunch before we head back to Baguio.

I first tasted their yummy bola-bola siopao courtesy of my mother -in-law when she goes to Manila but ever since we travel roundtrip every now and then for business, we always order the asado with pecking duck rice which costs Php 199.

Their asado is definitely delicious. Their pecking duck isn't as delicious as its counterpart in HK but it is yummy on its own. 

 We also had some siomai on our last visit. Php 65.00 per 4 pieces.
What I love about Wai Ying is that they don't scrimp with the ingredients. Their siomai contains shrimp, mushroom and pork. There are no extenders.

Their lemon juice are also made of real lemons. All natural tartness and sweetness.

So for those who lover Chinese food, if you are in Binondo or in 168 Mall, try this fastfood Chinese restaurant. :)


  1. Free endorsement for Wai Ying, they should give you a discount next time :D

    1. uu nga sis--kahit hakaw lang :P basta masarap ipopromote ko :D


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