Tuesday, May 28, 2013

North Luzon's Santorini: Thunderbird Poro Point - 1

One of the destinations I've written in my bucket travel list is Greece. I still haven't set foot there yet but I am positive that in my lifetime I would be able to. :)

I want to see the temples and the museums and I also wanted to see Santorini. Santorini has captured my heart  ever since I've watched the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Mama Mia.The place looks so amazing. It's all blue and white. White and blue.

Blue and white - that is  the essence of Santorini captured by ThunderBird in their resort at Poro Point, La Union. Thunderbird tried to capture the Santorini beauty with its blue domes and white walls as seen in this picture I captured during sunrise last week:

Thunderbird looks already impressive when you go up the driveway leading to it.This is a shot taken from the   parking lot.

Aside from the hotel, there are mini versions of Thunderbird through their cottages and residential houses that dot the area like these ones. To rent a cottage would mean shelling out Php 25,000.00. Residential houses have a lease of 40 years and each are worth Php 12-15 M each according to the receptionist. We rented 2 "modest" rooms in the main hotel.

Owners do not have much say on the architecture. They have to choose from the designs made for the "Thunderbird subdivision".

The dome of the Thunderbird hotel's reception area is very simple. It's painted with blue figures but it is very attractive and eye-catching:

Now let's go to their accommodations. We literally squealed with delight when we got to our room. Looking at this, who wouldn't right?
 We had our own terrace which was covered by the gossamer curtains.

The colors used in the room are attractive. White , orange, blue and dark wood go together. I took this shot for color inspiration for our future house in the nearest possible time ;-) 

These are some areas of the room:

a. The bar and a closet:

The closet contains the security vault which we used to keep our gadgets and devices safely:

b.  The television and study table cum makeup dresser:

c. The toilet and the sink 

d. The glass walled shower:

e. There is a door that can be opened to connect to the adjoining room. We had ours opened by the hotel staff so that we can interact with our colleagues in the other room.

During our 1st day of stay there, we stayed at the hotel's pool the whole afternoon and played basketball pool. This is their fabulous pool viewed from the top:

It was cloudy when we went there but it didn't reduce the beauty of the swimming area:

The blue and white concept has been extended even in the swimming area including the domes.

The bridge is my favorite spot...pretty, pretty, pretty. I am out of words :p 

I didn't take much pictures in the pool since I wanted to plunge in already. But I do have pictures of the lounge area.Nice, right?

Behind Thunderbird, you can see these views. These views were taken during sunrise around 6 to 7 AM on the 2nd day of our stay:

The back part of the hotel:

The ocean view:

The outdoor massage area:

There's also a walkway made of gravel leading down to the beach. Near....

The flower of the plants are oddly gorgeous (like jellyfishes):

Down below is a signage on loving Thunderbird. Of course, I had my picture taken with it since....


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