Monday, May 20, 2013

The Exhilaration of Finishing an Unfinished Business

Finally, my institutional research is done!!!

For the past 3 weeks I have sat on my chair in the faculty room finishing my institutional research. Colleagues keep on teasing me as to why I am in school when in fact I do not have any summer load this year.

I even worked on this at home last week. Sitting on my chair every night from 8 PM to 12 AM just so I can finish this. I play one game in Candy Crush for a break (damn, been stuck with Level 89 for days already!:p ). Last Sunday saw me seated on my chair the whole day as well. I just had a break to go to Church and have dinner with my hubby.

This was a backlog that took an entire year to finish. I worked on the first 2 chapters last year and it had to be finished that year but due to accreditation work I had to face and some school works for AY 2012-13, I never had time to sit on it.

And now that I have to take a semester off from school this year, I had to finish it before filing my leave.

Creating a research is tedious and tiring especially if you are still searching for the answers to your questions and the first hypotheses you have is not where the things you are studying are going to but somewhere else. Not only one somewhere else but plenty of somewhere else!! :p

But research is also fulfilling and  fun once you discover interesting things and you  know what to put in it. The ecstasy comes in when you can already see where you are supposed to be heading. 

This is the fourth research I have conducted aside from my Bachelor's Degree thesis and Master's Thesis degree. And I could say this was the most difficult institutional research for me ever! I even asked our Research Director if I can just change it because I was stumped with the topic I chose for 2 weeks. The answer was "NO" since my proposal was approved.

I wanted to get out of it because  the  more I dug deeper into facts, I knew I was in deep shit (or in quick sand -- for the prim and proper audience :p). My thought was I couldn't do this.And that helped me further from not doing it.

But when I realized I had to and I sat on it and concentrated on it,  I was able to make it and really got into it.

It was exhilarating to have it printed out this late afternoon and have it submitted early morning tomorrow. This is 81 pages of perspiration and hyperworked out brain cells. Let's not forget my aching shoulder and hands from typing and my sore butt from sitting.


Time to celebrate. My fourth research and maybe, my last? Right now, I just want to relish the victory with a KitKat.

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