Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunset Bay, La Union

Our May trip to La Union was dotted with our visits to other resorts. Even if we were checked in at Thunderbird Resorts, we had dinner at Sunset Bay.

Sunset Bay is also a resort located at Poro Point which is owned and managed by Europeans. The resort's theme is a resort garden. I have been here 3x already and I love the simple things it offers.

The resort has a clean seashore with almost white sand and very good sunset as shown in this picture:

I took a picture of my good friend, Mikai while she was taking some pictures:

So firsts things first, upon entry to the resort, their small pond welcomes you :)

They have a lighted walkway which zigzags between the cottages. It rained that's why there are small puddles of water:
 I posed with this plant full of flowers.
This is a frontage of one of their cottages:

They have a small infinity pool facing the China Sea
A closer look:
Near the pool is an area where you can sit and relax.

There is a walkway between this area and the restaurant where you can head out to the beach.

This is their restaurant where our group posed while deciding what to eat.

Their restaurant is modest but the quality of food that they serve is very good and worth the price. Here are some of the things we sampled at Sunset Bay:

a) This is their marinara pasta. The waiter said it's good only for 1 person but it's for 2 people. Two of us had this. They shared with one serving  and had the other 1 taken away with us in the hotel. It had squids in it. The only thing lacking are mussels as what one colleague mentioned.
b.) I had this: dorie with tomato and basil with  mashed potato and vegetables. It was huge! I shared some with my colleagues.
Two colleagues also had dorie but we had different versions of the potato. One had baked potato with it as seen in the picture below and the other one had french fries (no picture for this).

The dorie was nice but it was so big and it was a bit overwhelmed with the tomatoes. I would say there was too much sauce.

3. One had grilled tanguige which according to the one who had this was yummy. I guess I would have chosen this next time. I like plain, clean taste of my food when eating near the seashore.
4. One had ordered the fried shrimp with spicy sauce. This was also yummy. I tasted it. :)
5. And someone got Sunset Bay's baby back ribs! This was also yummy :) If I were to eat again the third time , I'd have this. Lolz. I do not usually eat  much meat when I eat on resorts or restaurants along the beach. I savor sea food but this will be an exception.

The servings are large and the prices are reasonable from 200 to 250 pesos.

So if you are in La Union and  want to relax, relax, relax and see great sunset and eat yummy food, visit Sunset Bay. 

Compared to other resorts, based from observation, this is very quiet and "reflective" type. There are many Caucasian retirees who stay there or just eat dinner and just usually chill.

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