Friday, August 28, 2015

Color My World 2

The past few days saw me reviving my passion again in coloring. I was not feeling it for almost 2 weeks but when color inspiration came, I was able to color 3 pages from my 3 sets of coloring books.

I must admit I tried to find ways in improving my coloring skills and it is only recently that I am applying some things  I have learned.

Anyway, here are 2 of the Art Noveau Fashion pages that I colored:

A. The Lady in the Jungle. I titled it as so because it is full of greens... I debated on coloring leaves as pink and red ones. Heheheh. I started with the image below deciding to have a pink blouse instead of pink leaves.  

And this is  my finished project... I struggled with this because I got tired of the green color.. and I don't know if the cold, wet weather we experienced for days affected the texture of some of  the Faber Castell watercolor pencils I am using, Some of the leaves look rough even the purple skirt! :(

B. Lady in Pink Roses and Green. I got tired of the green colors from the first one I colored so I decided to make the twines brown even if it looks a bit dry. Hah! I enjoyed using light colors on this one. Again, some of the Faber Castell watercolor pencils look rough when I applied them on the flowers. I cannot "remedy" the damage done anymore. Coloring this was a breeze. It took me a few hours only.

I got tired with the ladies :p so I sorted my Coloring Fan set and decided to do this:

C. Fan with pastel-colored blooms

Since some of my Faber Castell Watercolor pencils got "cold" and rough :p I decided to use the lighter Crayola colored pencils I had. I only have 24 colors compared to the Faber Castell which is 48 +.

Before, I favored using the darker Faber Castell Watercolor pencils because I wanted bolder colors but the Crayola colored pencils allowed me to control the depth of the color better through lighter strokes and just by sharpening them.

I would say this is my best work yet because of the shading.. I hope to improve more as days go by and when coloring inspiration strikes.
Yesterday, i started working with a butterfly design but I stopped it since I need to finish my cross stitch project that my mom has to bring with her next week. 

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