Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wood Nymph 1

My hubby and I love Korean food and the best restaurant for us that serves K-food here in Baguio is Woodnymph.

They have 3 branches here in Baguio but the one I am featuring right now are the foods we ate and we always order at their SM Baguio Branch. 

Introduced by my cousin, Sarah who taught Korean students before, are my favorites since then until today. These are: 


It's made of thinly sliced pork belly, cabbage and carrots and some other vegetables cooked with Korean spices and sugar (it's kinda sweet). I love eating this.
I captured the elegant carrot flower they made as a decoration to the plate. 

And we usually have jeeyukbukom with: 

Sundobuchigee. It is a seafood soup with shells and clams with soft tofu and soft soft egg with spicy broth,.. as in Whoooooo spicy.. My hubby and I can't get enough of this even if our nose runs because of the heat
Aside from these two of course are the side dishes. We especially love the "honeyed" marble potatoes and kim chi. I love also the sweet and cool sprouts because it balances out the heat and spiciness of the foods.

Best to drink water with these viands and usually get a dessert of cool Melona ice cream bar. :) Yum! 

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