Thursday, August 13, 2015

Grumpy Joe 2

We've been to Grumpy Joe quite a few times and I am happy to see that I have pics on the last time we ate there months ago with my hubby and cousin which I haven't posted.

I love their pasta there and so the three of us decided to get their marinara pasta:

Perper was delighted with the serving and the no. of seafoods in the pasta. It was tasty.

I ordered a cheeseburger to be shared with the three of us. This was our first time to try their burger and we were not disappointed. It isn't really that special but it's good compared to others. There was a side dish of coleslaw and ketchup and mayonnaise as condiments. It was served in a circular wooden board for that rustic appearance.

And, we had their Mexican pizza! There was ranch dressing on top of the nacho chips. It was good. Although I love their signature Grumpy Joe pizza or the pepperoni with jalapenos  better than this. See related post.

And for refreshments, we got: water! Served in mason jar.

We needed water because of this toxic waste! Hot! Toxic indeed ;)

It was a nice experience since we have bonded with a cousin but I loved the first one compared to this in terms of the food we chose to eat.

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  1. Oh my!!! How spicy is the toxic waste?! Hahaha The mexican pizza is kinda interesting but looks messy to eat.


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